GET api/LMAPI/Contacts

Get Contact.

POST api/LMAPI/Contacts

Add Contact.

PUT api/LMAPI/Contacts

Update Contact.


Deals with Library Download Queue.

POST api/LibraryDownloadQueue/Get

Gets the library download queue file list.

POST api/LibraryDownloadQueue/Delete

Deletes the specified model.


GET api/LMAPI/Accounts

Get Accounts data.

POST api/LMAPI/Accounts

Add Account.

PUT api/LMAPI/Accounts

Update Account.


POST api/LMAPI/APIValidateLogonDataZap

Validates logon data for Zapier.

POST api/LMAPI/APIValidateLogonData

Validates logon data.

POST api/LMAPI/GetDatabase

Get the database.

POST api/LMAPI/GetWorkgroups

Get the workgroup data.

POST api/LMAPI/UpdateLMWebAPIToken

Updates the leadmaster web API token with CompanyId.


Gets the user details from the token.

POST api/LMAPI/GetCustomLabel

Get the custom label data.

POST api/LMAPI/GetLogonPrivileges

Get the logon privileges.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchAccount

Gives count and list of account based on search critearea.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchContact

Searche the contact.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchOpportunity

Searche the opportunity.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchCases

Searche the cases.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchQuote

Searche the quote.

POST api/LMAPI/RecentItems

Gives list of recent items.

POST api/LMAPI/GetSavedSearch

Get the saved search result data.

POST api/LMAPI/SendEmail

Send the email base on criteria.

POST api/LMAPI/DeleteCase

Delete the case.

POST api/LMAPI/DeleteContacts

Delete the contacts.

POST api/LMAPI/DeleteOpp

Delete the oppportunity.

POST api/LMAPI/DeleteRecord

Delete the record.

POST api/LMAPI/DeleteQuotes

Delete the quotes.

POST api/LMAPI/GetGeoLocation

get geo location list base on input parameter.

POST api/LMAPI/GetMobileInsertDataFields

Gets the mobile insert data fields.

POST api/LMAPI/CheckForMatch

Get the checks for match result set.

POST api/LMAPI/AddContact

Adds the contact.

POST api/LMAPI/AddCase

Adds the case.

POST api/LMAPI/AddOpportunity

Add the opportunity.

POST api/LMAPI/AddLead

Add the lead.

POST api/LMAPI/ChangePassword

Changes the password base on parameter.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchCallBack

Searches the call back event.

POST api/LMAPI/DeleteCallBacks

Deletes the call backs.

POST api/LMAPI/TodaysCallBackEvent

Provides list of today's call back event.

POST api/LMAPI/GetRecordActivityData

Get the record activity data base on parameter.

POST api/LMAPI/Logout

Logouts the specified user.

POST api/LMAPI/MySearches

Gives the list of my searches.

POST api/LMAPI/LMUpdateCallBackEvents

Update call back events data.

POST api/LMAPI/SearchLeadData

Get the list of lead data base on parameter.

POST api/LMAPI/GetGroupCalendarCallBackEvent

Get the list of group calendar call back event.

POST api/LMAPI/GetGroupCalendarUserDetail

Get the list of group calendar user detail.

POST api/LMAPI/GetCompaniesByLocation

Get the list of companies base on location.

POST api/LMAPI/GetKeyContactData/{RecordId}

Get the key contact list data.

POST api/LMAPI/GetMenusList

for get List of Dynamic menus

POST api/LMAPI/LibraryDownloadQueueStatusChange

Library Download Queue Status Change

POST api/LMAPI/GetLibraryList

Get Library List

POST api/LMAPI/SearchEmail

Searches the email.

POST api/LMAPI/TrackLocation

Logs the location information (latitude and longitude) of particular user.

POST api/LMAPI/AutoSuggestAPI

Auto Suggest the values for LeadStatus and Account Manager.

POST api/LMAPI/APIValidateLogonDataUsingCompanyID

No documentation available.


This manages all operations related to push notifications

POST api/PushNotification/Get

Gives list of all push notifications of current user.

POST api/PushNotification/Delete

Removes the specific push notification message of current user